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OPT-In Episode 16: It’s time for our first check-in with James’ group of 4 clients who are running the 40 mile, 7,500ft elevation, 10+ hour Elk Mountains Grand Traverse this coming August.  Enjoy tthis multi-part OPT-In series we join the quartet from their initial contact, consultation and assessment, to training and race day.

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April 24, 2014

A big boy with a big bench to celebrate our big day. OPT Team Member Kegan Dillon, 415#

Our first day with the new site is in the books and we thank all of you for your patience! We know there were points yesterday where heavy site traffic resulted in the site being down or very slow. All the major hiccups should be resolved at this point. There are likely to be a few more minor bumps over the next week or so as we migrate the rest of the content, including the missing blog comments and photos from old posts. We are excited to finally bring the new format to you and hope you enjoy it!

-The OPT Team


April 23, 2014

Sharon Blog 4_21
Sharon, Martin, Bjorn and James

Good things are happening in the world of coaching.  We just ran our first Level 1 Life Coach module in Uppsala, Sweden this week and I am walking away from the experience feeling truly uplifted.  The coaches in attendance came from around Europe and they came ready to play.  They had great questions, open minds, and were willing to share their thoughts and experiences with their peers.  This made for a wonderful learning opportunity for the class as a whole and for me and James.  It is exciting to know that each of them will be taking the principles they learned back to their home gyms and countries as they upgrade their coaching practice.

It takes great vision to be able to see into the deeper possibilities of what coaching can accomplish and the willingness to share that with others.  I want to thank Martin and Bjorn for having that vision and for caring enough to want to share it with others by hosting us at their facility.  It’s with true gratitude that I extend my thanks to them and I look forward to returning next year.

Sharon Prete
CCP Life Coaching module co-conductor
OPT Team Member


Function 4/23/14

For time:
5k run
- shoot for holding an average pace, or slightly faster throughout


Being 4/23/14

30 MU for time

- testing
- last day of testing


Will 4/23/14

For time @97%:
AD 3 min max cals

rest 15-20 min

For time @97%:
AD 3 min max cals

10 rounds AFAP:
5 burpees
5 KBS (2pd)


She 4/23/14

2 sets @97%:
Row 600m
rest 15 min b/t sets

2 sets @97%:
20 PS (75#)
rest walk 15-20 min b/t sets

April 22, 2014

bulletproof coffee

The Scoop on “BulletProof Coffee”

You’ve probably heard the term used to describe the combination of coffee, butter, and coconut oil—aka BP coffee. The most well known proponent of this is by Dave Asprey, former silicon valley tech dude-turned bio-hacker (but non-athlete). That said, folks have been putting coconut milk (along with some MCTs, or medium chain triglycerides) in their coffee for years. Asprey’s combo actually calls for grass-fed butter and concentrated MCTs (caprylic & capric acid), but many folks sub straight coconut oil.

The claim to fame is that it will lean you out, boost your energy, create mental clarity, and keep hunger at bay all day. But what does it really do???

It’s designed to be used along with IF (Intermittent fasting). That’s key. Also, it’s designed (by way of marketing) to be used in non-athletes. Think of it like this: Fat dude, pushing a desk, poor diet, doesn’t train. If, all of a sudden, you:

1) Take away a poor quality, high processed carbohydrate breakfast

2) Add caffeine

3) Add quality fats

What happens? Lowered caloric intake, increase good fats for hormone creation, increase metabolic rate, increase morning cognition (caffeine + cortisol from fasting)…. weight starts to come off, energy normalizes, and one can think straight.

That’s the magic in bulletproof coffee—fasting (increase in cortisol) plus caffeine, along w/ fatty acids to prolong ketosis from the night. Also, caffeine is lipophyllic; that is, it likes fat. Fat is readily absorbed lymphatically, so some of it bypasses the liver and heads straight to our systemic circulation. BAM, caffeine bolus straight to the brain. That’s another reason why people orgasm over BP coffee.

The Bad: Folks that add it to a normal diet. 1 tbsp coconut oil and 1 tbsp butter is 220 kcal, 25g fat. Not a big amount, but have 2 BP coffees in the AM, and you’ve added 440kcal, 50g fat. For some folks, this adds calories they don’t need. Their main goal is leaning out, and they wonder why the magic of BP coffee isn’t working.

The “Ok”:Folks that are training regularly. If the energy expenditure is there, and goals are performance based, there’s no problem adding this mixture to your intake. Just don’t expect magical things.

The Really Bad: Performance based athletes that cut out whole food and replace with BP coffee. Lowered caloric intake + carbohydrate depletion coupled with performance-based training = WAY too much cortisol secretion. It’s a highly efficient way of breaking the machine. While protocols do exist to stack a ketogenic diet w/ strength based or low intensity aerobic training, one has to keep in mind where the idea of BP coffee came from: a non-athlete with limited daily caloric expenditure.

I personally think it messes up good, strong, black coffee, but that’s just the coffee snob in me. :)

Mike Kesthely
Dynamic Nutrition
Optimum Performance Training Team


Function 4/22/14

A. DB rear foot elevated split squat @3010 8RM
B. Side bridge max hold each side
1 min AD for max cals
rest 3 min
1 min AD for max cals
- DB RFESS is with rear foot elevated about the height of your kneecap so that your lunging knee lightly touches the ground each rep
- rowing for cals is an acceptable sub


Being 4/22/14

A. PC build to a max in 8mins
B. Take 90% of A complete 8min amrap of PC
20mins Z1 easy pace AD

- testing
- start clock when at 40-50% of 1rm
- record scores
- easy AD Z1 you can get off and sip water every 5mins for 60sec


Will 4/22/14

A. 10 sets – every 2 min – Jerk x 1 (build heavy)
B. for time: 20 push press (185#, from rack)
3 rounds for time:
30m HS walk
15 ring dips
10 PS (155#) – Unbroken or set does not count

For time:
PC (225#)
Burpee over bar

Rest as needed

For time:
80 wall balls unbroken (20#)
60 TTB
40 HSPU (-6”)


She 4/22/14

A. 5 sets – Heaving snatch balance + Snatch balance; rest 2 min
B. PS; 3 @75%, 2@80%, 1@90% rest 2-3 min
C. for time: 25 Hang snatch (105#)
3 rounds for time:
200m run
15 TTB
10 HSPU (-6”)

A. 10 sets – every 30 sec – SJ x 1 (75-80%)
B. for time: 30 DB S2OH (50#)
AD 2 min max cals

rest 2 min

20 PC (125#)
75 DU
15 PC (135#)
50 DU
10 PC (145#)
25 DU

rest 2 min

AD 2 min max cals

April 21, 2014

Check out a clip from our latest episode of OPT-In!


Function 4/21/14

A1. Wtd dip – build to a max
A2. Wtd chin up – build to a max
B. Sorensen max hold
For time:
kb swings 1.5pd/1pd

- wtd dip – deep!
- chin up is strict, no swinging, no hips, throat to bar
- record the scores from this week in anticipation of retests later
- Sorensen hold is the position on the GHD machine, prone, parallel with ground, chin tucked, hands to temples


Being 4/21/14

AMRAP in 90 Minutes:
1300m Row
200m Farmer Carry @ 2pd/hand for men, 1.5pd/hand for women
15 Wall Walks
42 Double Unders

- testing


Will 4/21/14

A. Snatch – build to 85% (perfect mechanics)
B. BS @20X1 – tough single (ONLY one single tough)
C1. 3 sets – AD 15 cals @high effort; rest 15 sec
C2. 5 Tng squat clean + jerk (135#); rest 15 sec (2 movements)
C3. 17 CTB chin up unbroken; rest 3 min
4 rounds for time:
100m sprint
4 clean (245#)
3 RC (15’)

Row 500m @90%
Rest walk 3 min
x 12

- rest 6 min after 6 sets


She 4/21/14

A. BS @20X1 – build to a tough double
B. Gauntlet – Clean (Games 2012)
C1. Row 15 strokes @high effort; rest 10 sec
C2. 15 CTB chin up unbroken; rest 2 min
3 rounds for time:
7 thruster (135#)
7 MU

AD 30 sec @85%
AD 30 sec @50%
X 24